Closing The Gap Between Where You Are And Where You Want To Be

One on One coaching is where individuals find the answers to the questions that plague them daily. Where do I start? What do I do with these ideas I have? How will I accomplish these things? Having a vision for your life is an important component when it comes to taking action. Vision is all about seeing things bigger than they are right now. Do you have a vision for your life? I'll bet the answer is yes, even if you don't know your purpose. Are your thoughts constantly interrupted by that small voice inside your head telling you to do something? that is a call to action, a request from your inner self telling you that the time to act is now!


Whether you want to find and live your purpose, or accomplish specific goals, we can map a plan to get you there!


I coach people who need:​


  • Assistance with mapping a realistic life plan


  • A solid action plan to achieve a business goal

  • Personal development 


  • Motivation and accountability​


  • Training and skillset development

  • Entrepreneurship coaching


If you are in need of accountability to achieve your goals, or are interested in any of the workshops/sessions. below contact Coach Wright today to get started.



Part I: Packaging Your Talent; From Employee to Entrepreneur


The foundation of this coaching series is designed to help you investigate your entrepreneurial mindset by exploring your mentality, emotions, and personal foundation in an effort to create a practical outlook on the potential success of your business. The overarching goal is to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the right mindset and the necessary tools they need to build a solid business foundation. Package Your Talent takes the guesswork out of starting your business and fills in the gaps of uncertainty. If you have a business idea and need assistance with packaging your talent, this workshop is for you! (0-3 years in business). 

We wil cover:


  • Mapping out your business ideas to create a solid action plan (the package)

  • Laying a Solid Foundation

  • Strategic planning 

  • Branding 

  • Marketing Tips

  • Strategic Networking and Collaborating

  • Building Business

*This workshop is perfect for individuals, and college students seeking degrees in entrepreneurial related fields.

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Career Consulting Skillset Development Training 

If you are a new coach/consultant, this program is for you! The (CWC) Skillset Training development program prepares attendees for the profession of Business & Management consulting. A professional consultant must exhibit strong skills in order to achieve success in gaining and maintaining business.This series of courses demonstrate the behaviors and process for consulting and allows participants to practice fundamental consulting competencies with tools, templates and checklists that can be put to use in the professional setting immediately. Consulting is an internal part of every business relationship regardless to whether or not either party is a consultant. When considering the exchange of sales or services, their has to be a buy-in. Generally, people buy the person before the product or service. For this reason, it is imperative that entrepreneurs and business people attain these skills as a foundational asset to building solid business relationships. 

*Required text for this course: Will be provided before start date

For more informations on this program please contact Coach Wright

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