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Employee Satisfaction: I Think I Love My Job!


Employee satisfaction is one of the most important factors in job retention. For most employers, keeping employee morale and performance up are full time jobs alongside day to day functions. This workshop focuses on employee satisfaction, performance and development. Employees will leave with tools that will help them take responsibility and accountability for their contribution to the environment they help to cultivate daily. Everyone has an area that can be ignited to drive excellence. The goal is to assist you with experiencing the best from your staff, while helping to foster an environment they are willing to seek their highest potential in. If you are seeking to invest in motivating your employees to give their best consistently, contribute positive morale to their environment, and develop in goal achievement, this workshop is for you.  

*Materials for this course are provided by Coach Wright

 (Group coaching sessions)


Workplace Functionality:

  • Connecting with managers and co-workers

  • Skill Development Exercises 

  • Utilizing Your Skills

  • Embracing Cultural Changes  

  • Accountability 

  • Internal & External Value

  • Trust

Press Play: Rebuilding Relationship with Self


Coach Wright spent 12 months and hundreds of hours coaching individuals with the sole purpose of saving their marriage. After a few months in, she found herself training other coaches on how to coach married individuals. Within this time, she noticed there were some who were unable to achieve this goal, and that they had no next steps. Through various avenues Coach Wright found herself unexpectedly working with a number of individuals who had gone through breakups and/or divorces and wanted to repair their lives. From results to case studies, she launched Press Play!

Has your last relationship left you on pause? Not knowing what the first next step is, unable to get out of your thoughts, feeling everything, and questioning yourself? Can you remember who you were before the relationship? If any of this resonates with you, it's time to take action!


Personal Development: Shine In Your Lane 


This workshop is designed to help groups and individuals develop their social emotional skills through a series of examples, questions and content delivery. The purpose is to further educate attendees on how to build successful relationships and manage their emotions as they grow their awareness through self-assessments. The goal of this workshop is to shift from status quo to a place of embedded positive energy. 

We Will Cover:


  • Self Awareness

  • Confidence

  • Eliminating Negative Self-talk

  • Dealing With Conflict

Leadership development: i-Lead

Corporations seek leadership development for their leaders for multiple reasons. As easy as it may be to cary the title, it can be equally challenging to manage different personalist types, empower your staff, and relate to their struggles. The degree of separation between leaders and their staff can cause staff to unintentionally feel as if their voice does not matter, under appreciated, and at times unhappy. Although it is not the leaders job to make people feel good, it is a silent responsibility that if properly addressed, can create the type of environment that fosters positive energy and productivity. This workshop is designed to provide skills that can achieve this. A team is not a team if there is a sharp divide between staff and leadership.


We Will Address:


  • Effective communication 

  • Empowering with trust 

  • Leading as a part of the team 

  • Transparency 

  • Creating problem solvers

If you or your organization would like to request a workshop, feel free to contact Coach Wright.

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