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 Coach Wright's Community Involvement

Coach Wright has taught employment & self-sufficiency workshops and provided one on one coaching to women in the Every Woman Works Inc. program.

Coach Wright has taught a writing workshop to homeless youth at the Carrie Steele Orphanage (the oldest predominately black orphanage in Georgia), and she has participated in feeding the homeless on her own time as well as alongside Simply United Together on multiple occasions. 

SUT is a catalyst for positive social change and community empowerment. they support a diversified idealism that promotes community sustainability, human relations, and civic empowerment.

Coach Wright teaches young girls on topics such as self-love, value, STI awareness, self-esteems and more...

IMPACT is driven to "impact" the lives of today's young women in the community, city, and state by teaching them about Jesus. Their mission is dedicated to reaching young people with the gospel, seeing their lives changed permanently by the power of the Holy Spirit, and equipping them to impact this world for Christ.

St. Johns Methodist Church Montego Bay, Jamaica 'Youth Ministry'

Coach Wright has worked with the youth in Jamaica to teach them the 'how to's' on effective goal achievement. This youth group ranged from ages 7-18. 

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