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"Before I had my coaching call with Coach Wright, I didn't know what to expect. I was nervous about sharing somethings because I was sure she would see that I had no direction. I was sure she would tell me to figure out what I wanted to do and we'll talk another time, in so many words, but Coach Wright was nothing like that. She encouraged me and told me she was proud of me for things I thought was trivial. After talking to her my load felt lighter and I felt like finally I had some direction as to where to start in my life of so many choices. It was freeing, but also motivating. I look forward to a call like this on my journey because I need it. The encouragement, the light, friendly push in the right direction, the motivation, and the kind coach beside me saying "let's go, you can do it!"


Deidra D. (Wife/Mother) Life Coaching 

"My session with Coach Wright included a wealth of information that helped me begin to think outside the box about ways to market myself as a writer.  It included innovative ideas for branding, networking, and writing markets—all of which add value to the bottom line.  The presentation was well prepared and easy to follow. By the end of the presentation, I truly felt as if I had gained something of priceless value that I can apply to my career for many years to come.”


A. Olatokumbo (Editor) Author Coaching 

"I had the opportunity to tuning in on a Shine in Your Lane Call with Coach Wright and it truly served as another catalyst and spark to the current success I have in my life today. I am currently a senior at Alabama A&M University double majoring in finance and International business with aspirations of becoming a United Nations Ambassador and writing policies that will help facilitate economic growth and prosperity around the globe. I currently own a Non-Profit Organization out of Huntsville, Alabama called Project SHINE that provides students with the necessary skills and resources to becoming successful business leaders of the future. On the Shine in Your Lane Call, the biggest thing that I took from it is being the CEO of my life before I can be the CEO of any company and learning how to manage my own life and bring balance before I can balance financial statements. The teachings were VERY sharp and easy to follow but also challenged my point of view and inspired me to strategize my life not just my business so I can have the best outcome. I have read her book, "The Quick and Dirty Guide to Entrepreneurship" and look forward to reading “Shine In Your Lane”. “The Quick And Dirty Guide” set a strong foundation to becoming not only a successful entrepreneur but a good man. Coach Wright is full of knowledge, wisdom, and provided the gateway to financial and personal freedom".


Kyle K. (Student at Alabama A&M) Life and Business Coaching  

"I promise... Coach Kurinn Wright is the absolute truth! After just one conversation, I felt like I could move mountains and the feeling is so consistent that it's addictive. I love her genuine and positive spirit, and I'm grateful for having met her. She is the right coach"!!

Naomi B. (Mother/Writer/Mentee) Life Coaching

"I have been in business for about five years and I've known Coach Wright just about as long as I have been a professional. I can honestly say that she is someone who has supported me since day one. She gives nourishment, inspiration, motivation, and constructive criticism which I appreciate because it makes me better. On April 11, 2016, Coach Wright put up a status that said: (When you spend more money on going to events than on your dreams, you’re sleepwalking. There is a difference between investing in yourself and spinning your wheels. There is also a recipe that can assist you with getting movement and seeing results. Don’t allow fear or comfort to stop you from applying what you’ve learned. This is the season of movement!) When I read that statement, it instantly hit me. I felt as if she was talking to me. I must admit, that I have not had any success with landing clients or working on big projects by going to all of these networking events. I just ended up with a bunch of business cards. Not saying that the events were not good, nor am I saying that I do not support the person or persons putting on the event but they are moving up and I feel that I am stuck in the same spot.

I have come to the realization that in order for me to continue to move forward I must focus on myself. Not saying that I will not support anyone, but I must pick and choose wisely which events to attend. It dawned on me that it is alright to miss out on many events as long as I spend time building my company".

Helen B. (Entrepreneur/Mentee) Business Coaching 

"I thank you for the knowledge and wisdom you presented to us during the AUC Financial Conference. I enjoyed the session truly and I'll apply what you taught us. I'll see what exactly I can do with my voice and my brand. I tell you now you will see me one day in the future doing big things within this world."

Jaylin J. D.B (Finance Major Clark Atlanta University) 

"Shine In Your Lane by Coach Wright has been nothing short of amazing for me in my life. This book is not only a must have, but it made me take a closer look at my life, my decisions, my secrets, and why they all need to be shared with others.I could not get out of Chapter One to save my life!! Even with the talents I have, I struggled with shinning in my lane... Not any longer... If you need direction into finding your path, and a coach to steer you, this book is a must read!! my name is Dante Harmon and I approve this message..." 

Dante Harmon (Previous Client) Gwinnett County Mentoring Program

"Coach Wright, I appreciate you. You are an amazing coach and a truly inspirational human. I am so grateful for the hours we have spent pulling this whole situation apart. There are many conversations I would love to have continued further with you. I wish you all the very best. Thank you for listening to me endlessly and never making me feel like a burden.I promise to look you up next time I am in USA and I expect you to do the same if you ever make it to this glorious place.

Keep shining Kurinn and may God continue to bless you and all that you are".


Katrina H. 

"Kurinn was unbelievable supportive, concise and treated me with the greatest of respect. Truth be told I googled her and it was an honor to be coached by such a great coach. She built upon my strengths, encouraged me through any insecurities I may have been having and her attention to detail was spot on. I immediately picked up on the tone that we bring to the table and that will be my true north in my career with High Thrive. I can't thank you enough Kurinn, you make me feel like a rock star!


Linda S. 

Hey Kurinn...


Thanks for a great call last night. I don't know where a full 60 minutes went?!?! I felt like we could have kept talking for another hour!!! I guess we will pick up there next week. 

I meant to mention to you too that I have booked a call for next week. I'm not sure how to gain access for more. Thanks again Kurinn. You are an amazing coach and God has truly paired the 2 of us together for a reason. I appreciate your calm and wisdom and am so grateful that you have the insight into my situation that you do.

K. Hall

"Hi Ms. Kurinn!!! I hope you are well. I wanted to check in and give a quick life update. I determined that general brokerage real estate is not for me (at this time, maybe never). I went on several interviews and was finally hired by the number one new construction builder in America. I start next month. I’ve been really doing some soul searching and digging deeper into myself about what I really want of out life and how I want to show up. I know my coaching sessions with you motivated me to be more aware with myself. I realize, I had a lot of blocks from childhood experiences, that seemed so small but we’re having an incredible impact in how I was showing up. I realized in order to be a great salesperson, I have to dive deep into myself and really hold myself accountable for my own actions, but also forgive myself for just not knowing a lot. I realized over everything right now, I desired peace, stability, emotional clarity, and full acceptance of myself and I’ve been working on myself everyday. I wanted to tell you that a year after working with you is still impacting my life in the most positive way and I wanted to tell you thank you for what you do.   

U. Robinson

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