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Code of Ethics




We see ourselves as educators with the ability to empower our clients.

We conduct business with honesty, integrity and reasonable competence.

We refrain from giving opinion as fact, but will use personal experiences when relevant during coaching sessions. All clients, associates and affiliates will be responded to respectfully, reasonably and in a professional manner. We use our best efforts to regularly participate in professional development activities in an effort to provide clients with up to date and relevant information as it pertains to their sessions. We treat all people with honor and respect, and we pride ourselves on being consistent while also recognizing our clients’ needs for different approaches to coaching. We follow the ethical and legal guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF)




We take confidentiality seriously.  We do not share our client's information with anyone. If a client is open to leaving feedback or providing a testimonial, we will gladly accept this as permission to share their experience with the public. Unless required by law, all information shared by clients will remain confidential.


If faced with potential conflicts of interests, we identify the conflict, and using good judgment, we will remove ourselves from the discussion and future scheduled interactions. This may also lead to referring the client to an alternative coach. 

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