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Mind Your Feelings

Minding your feelings holds immense power as it enables you to understand, acknowledge, and regulate your emotions effectively. By paying attention to your feelings, you gain insights into your inner world. The relationship between thoughts and emotions can be seen as a dance of influence. Just as thoughts shape our emotions, our emotions have the power to shape our thoughts. They intertwine and coalesce, creating a dynamic interplay that shapes our perceptions, actions, and overall experience of life. Recognizing this symbiotic relationship allows us to harness its potential, as we can consciously choose empowering thoughts to evoke positive emotions or skillfully navigate and reframe our emotions to influence our thoughts. By understanding and actively engaging with this intricate connection, we gain the ability to shape our inner landscape and cultivate a more harmonious and fulfilling existence.

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Mind Your Feelings With Coach Wright
 -Cognitive Empowerment & Emotional Mastery-

Coach Wright is a highly sought-after coach who helps clients actualize their goals through the development of emotional regulation and thought mastery skills. With a focus on emotional intelligence and the effective application of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching techniques, Coach Wright equips individuals with the necessary tools to overcome obstacles, make informed choices, and cultivate fulfilling relationships. Her proven track record of guiding countless clients to achieve their goals makes Coach Wright an exceptional choice for anyone seeking transformative coaching experiences.




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During the year 2018-19, Coach Wright dedicated significant time to writing, giving back, and empowering the youth through goal achievement and entrepreneurship education. Her unwavering passion for the next generation is evident in her commitment to impart knowledge and wisdom to those who will shape the future. Demonstrating her dedication, Coach Wright organized a five-month journey divided between Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, immersing herself in the local culture and sharing her business expertise to uplift the communities she resided in. The accompanying photo captures a moment at Spot Valley High School in Montego Bay, Jamaica, where Coach Wright made a positive impact on students' lives.

 What People Say 


"Hi Ms. Kurinn!!! I hope you are well. I wanted to check in and give a quick life update. I determined that general brokerage real estate is not for me (at this time, maybe never). I went on several interviews and was finally hired by the number one new construction builder in America. I start next month. I’ve been really doing some soul searching and digging deeper into myself about what I really want of out life and how I want to show up. I know my coaching sessions with you motivated me to be more aware with myself. I realize, I had a lot of blocks from childhood experiences, that seemed so small but we’re having an incredible impact in how I was showing up. I realized in order to be a great salesperson, I have to dive deep into myself and really hold myself accountable for my own actions, but also forgive myself for just not knowing a lot. I realized over everything right now, I desired peace, stability, emotional clarity, and full acceptance of myself and I’ve been working on myself everyday. I wanted to tell you that a year after working with you is still impacting my life in the most positive way and I wanted to tell you thank you for what you do.   


Thank you for helping me start doing my inner work. I know it’ll be a lifetime journey of figuring myself out but I’m so excited to get to know me."


-U. Robinson 

May 2023


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