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Shine In Your Lane

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"Shine In Your Lane by Coach Wright has been nothing short of amazing for me in my life. This book is not only a must have, but it made me take a closer look at my life, my decisions, my secrets, and why they all need to be shared with others. I could not get out of Chapter One to save my life!! Even with the talents I have, I struggled with shinning in my lane... Not any longer... If you need direction into finding your path, and a coach to steer you, this book is a must read!! My name is Dante Harmon and I approve this message..." 

Writer - Coach - Consultant

Shine In Your Lane With Coach Wright

 From action plans to empowerment!

There is an intricate connection between relationships, self-development and our ability to manage our mindsets and mental health. Having a coach can help gain clarity, and perspective. Ones ability to manage their mindset can be driven by personal & professional development tools, and scientifically proven methodologies.   

With 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur and Life Coach, Coach Wright is driven to help clients Igniting their Inner CEO and build lifelong self-management skills.

"I help companies develop their staff, and I work with individuals to create a solid foundation and action plans to achieving their most desired personal or professional goals."



- Coach Wright  

Action Plans Change Everything!


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People are the greatest resource a company can have, investing in personal and professional development not only develops the people, it also develops the company!

Ignite Your Inner CEO with Coach Wright!

Educating Globally


Coach Wright spent half the year out of the country (2018-19) writing and giving back; teaching youth on goal achievement and entrepreneurship. Her passion for the next generation speaks for itself when it comes to the lengths she will go to impart knowledge and wisdom in those who will one day run the world. Coach Wright orchestrated a five month trip split between Jamaica and the Dominican Republic to immerse herself in the culture and learn from the natives while sharing her business knowledge to enhance the communities she lived in. The photo above was taken at Spot Valley High School in Montego Bay Jamaica.  

 What People Say 


"Before I had my coaching call with Coach Wright, I didn't know what to expect. I was nervous about sharing somethings because I was sure she would see that I had no direction. I was sure she would tell me to figure out what I wanted to do and we'll talk another time, in so many words, but Coach Wright was nothing like that. She encouraged me and told me she was proud of me for things I thought was trivial. After talking to her my load felt lighter and I felt like finally I had some direction as to where to start in my life of so many choices. It was freeing, but also motivating. I look forward to a call like this on my journey because I need it. The encouragement, the light, friendly push in the right direction, the motivation, and the kind coach beside me saying "let's go, you can do it!"


Deidra D. (Wife/Mother) Life Coaching


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